Traveling with a Group:  Passenger Van Rentals

Planning travel when there’s lots of people involved takes a lot of planning.  Coordinating planes, hotels, and activities to do can seem to be like a huge task.  If you’re vacationing with a large group, additionally you have to think about how you will definitely get around when you turn up at your destination.  There might be public transportation where you are going, cabs, or perhaps you’re considering your group could rent several cars.   That might get expensive quick, and we’re here to let you know there is a better way: passenger vans.  Passenger vans can hold up to 15 people and are the best vehicle rental for group travel.  To get the group ready for their trip, AVR Van Rental provides the vans you may need at airports throughout the country.

Why Choose AVR?

It is possible to rent van in Dubai , so what tends to make AVR Van Rental special?  While car rentals are common, the majority of the big-name companies don’t offer vans.  If they are doing have minivans, cargo vans, or the highly desired full-size passenger vans, these vehicles in many cases are reserved far ahead of time.  In addition to large families and other group travelers, high school teams and sports competitors likewise need the accommodation of large vans.  If you are planning a visit for more than five people, if you don’t book a van months in advance, you will find yourself at a complete loss with the big name vehicle rental companies.

AVR Van Rental focuses on, you got it right, vans.  With locations in dozens of the biggest airports, AVR Van Rental has the van you need.  We appeal our services for those groups, schools, sports teams, large families, etc., who require a vehicle large enough for their group to travel together and have more than one vehicle available.  When you train with AVR, you realize we’re going to enable you to get what you need!

Types of Vans

With respect to the size of your group, you might need an SUV to fit seven, or a full-size 14 seater van in Dubai.  If you’re going to be going with less than seven people, an SUV, minivan or truck stands out as the best option to accommodate your group and your luggage and trip essentials.  If you’re going with children, opt to rent a vehicle a little larger than you have to allow room for naps and comfort.  AVR includes a wide range of SUVs, minivans, and trucks, making your vehicle decision a little easier.  For groups who require to have capacity for a wheelchair, AVR Van Rental also provides wheelchair attainable vans at affordable rates.

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